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Pollyanna virtual school productions

Ticket prices start at $70 per class and are based on the number of students in the classroom. Scholarships may be available based on the needs of your students. 

Mystery of the Green Teeth Ghost

Observation skills are a must for all detectives.  Great listening, great watching, and great memory.  This virtual drama gives each of your students the chance to work in role as a team to solve the mystery.  Based on Pollyanna’s popular production from fall of 2019, join us on Zoom for a mystery where EVERY child gets to play a role!  This fun, interactive play will have children in grades 3 and 4 reading short scripts and gathering clues as they figure out whodunnit.  Costume pieces and props are encouraged!  Come join us in Eerie Cove where Detective Sharpe will lead you through the interactive fun!


Presented live on Zoom – 55 minutes


Available for classroom groups of up to 25 students per performance.  Can present twice per day.


Available on the following dates:

Oct. 5, 9, 12, 16, 19, 23, 26, 30

Nov. 2, 6

Edith Wilmans on her Campaign Tour 

Inspired by the real Edith Wilmans


On this important anniversary of women’s suffrage, Pollyanna invites our young patrons to celebrate Texas women who left their mark on our collective political history.  Great for Texas History as well as U.S. History teaching and learning – grades 4 and 5.


The year is 1926 and two women are running for Texas governor: Miriam "Ma" Ferguson and Edith Wilmans. You're invited to attend a rally where you'll meet Edith Wilmans. As the first woman elected to the Texas State Legislature, Edith has a lot to say about politics and women's suffrage. Learn about the history of women voting in Texas, important issues in the 1920's (many similar to important issues 100 years later), and why political representation matters.


Come prepared to share what issues are important to you -- Edith wants to hear them! 


(Engagement with students includes: photo timelines documenting Texas Women's suffrage, discuss historical figures, open questions for Edith Wilmans, brainstorming what's important to the students, and drafting a letter to be sent to contemporary politicians)


Presented life on Zooom – 50 minutes


Available for classroom groups of up to 25 students per performance.  Can present three per day.


Available on the following dates:

Oct. 12, 19, 21, 23, 26, 28, 30

Nov. 2, 9, 11, 13, 16, 20

Dec. 2, 4, 7, 9


Teachers, do you need a fun, new writing motivation activity?  Pollyanna has you covered with THE MOVIE SET MYSTERY.  Everyone on the set of Alien Ambush is terrified because Bentley Bile, the notorious movie critic, is coming!  One bad review and all their careers will be over.  However suddenly he goes missing and an undercover detective must find out who is responsible.  Is it the Director?  The Makeup Artist?  The Cue Card Holder?  Every child will have a role to play and will gather clues to solve the mystery.  And no one knows whodunnit until the end!  Perfect for grades 3 and 4, this virtual drama includes writing prompts for extended classroom use.


Short character speeches will be emailed in advance and all children will read additional dialogue during the play


Presented live on Zoom – 55 Minutes


Available for classroom groups of up to 25 students per performance.  Can present twice per day.


Available on the following dates:

Nov. 16, 20, 23

Dec. 4, 7, 11, 14


It’s the night before Christmas, and Selfish Elf can’t bear to give Santa all the toys he made, so he hides them in a secret spot.  Can you help find them before it’s too late?  In this Virtual Adventure, the Magical Storyteller will guide your character on an exciting search all around the North Pole.  Feel free to dress up as your favorite holiday character so you can join in the fun!

Recommended for ages 3 – 6

Movement and participation-based story drama.  No reading required!

Presented live on Zoom – 45 Minutes


Virtual Preschool Tour - Available for preschool/pre-k classes of up to 14 children per performance.  Can present the production twice on the same day. 

Available on the following dates: 

  • Thursday, 12/10

  • Wednesday, 12/16

  • Tuesday, 12/22

  • Wednesday, 12/23

  • Thursday, 12/24

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