On this important anniversary of women’s suffrage, Pollyanna invites our young patrons to celebrate Texas women who left their mark on our collective political history.  Great for Texas History as well as U.S. History teaching and learning – grades 4 and 5.


The year is 1926 and two women are running for Texas governor: Miriam "Ma" Ferguson and Edith Wilmans. You're invited to attend a rally where you'll meet Edith Wilmans. As the first woman elected to the Texas State Legislature, Edith has a lot to say about politics and women's suffrage. Learn about the history of women voting in Texas, important issues in the 1920's (many similar to important issues 100 years later), and why political representation matters.


Come prepared to share what issues are important to you -- Edith wants to hear them! 


  • Click here for our downloadable study guide and click here for more details about the TEKS/Common Core objectives met by this performance. 

  • Presented live on Zoom – 50 minutes

  • Ideally, this event serves between 8 and 16 students, each on their own Zooming screen with headphones, but we'll do our best to adapt to fit your situation. (For example, we are doing shows for up to 25 students at a time under special circumstances.) Can present three programs per day.


Pollyanna online theatre experiences are eligible to be covered by Creative Learning Initiative funds! Every public school in Austin has access to CLI funding. Please check with your bookkeeper about this today! If you teach at a Title 1 public school, we may be able to find a partial sponsor to supplement the CLI funds. Please email Joy if your CLI funds cannot cover this virtual field trip. Only Title 1 public schools are not eligible for partial sponsorships.

Edith Wilmans on her Campaign Tour

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